Обновление MikroTik RouterOS v5.11


Обновилась операционная система Mikrotik RouterOS для оборудования RouterBoard до версии 5.11. Одним из важных изменением стало улучшение стабильности работы RB1200.

Скачать свежую прошивку можно с сайта http://www.mikrotik.com/download.html

Список изменений: 

What`s new in v5.11 (2011-Dec-12):

  • hotspot - fixed https login (broken in v5.9);
  • eoip: swap tunnel id bytes to be compatible with previous versions;
  • eoip,gre: fix setting config 

What`s new in: v5.10: 

  • snmp - provide extended interface statistics when availabe;
  • dhcpv6 client - use link-scoped multicast address;
  • dhcp client - renew dhcp lease on ethernet link up event;
  • ipv6 gre tunnel added (/interface gre6) supports ip and ipv6 encapsulation;
  • ip gre tunnel supports ipv6 encapsulation;
  • allow setting bigger trafflow cache;
  • improved RB1200 stability when using ether9,ether10;
  • fixed RB1200 stability issues when using crypto hardware acceleration;   

What`s new in v5.9:

  • wireless - nv2 improvements for 11n cards;
  • wireless - change default rate-selection to advanced;
  • ssh - fix memory leak when client uses public key authentication;
  • ppp - added support for new RADIUS attribute MT-Delegated-IPv6-Pool (#22);
  • ntp client - faster initial synchronization;
  • ppp - added support for dhcpv6 pd;
  • hotspot - fixed login page to better handle big load;
  • snmp - fix simple queue table;
  • webfig - fixed problem were users wihtout sensitive permission could download senstive files (like backups);
  • webfig - fixed problem were table filters did not work allways as expected;
  • metarouter - fixed problem where local routeros instances did not boot;
  • dhcpv6 - client and server moved to respective /ipv6 dhcp- entry;
  • dhcpv6 server - changed how bindings are defined, users should add missing static binding information after upgrade;
  • sms - send sms now uses channel from config if it`s not specified in the command;


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