Обновление MikroTik RouterOS v6 RC8


Производитель MikroTik выпустил восьмой релиз кандидат RC8 операционной системы RouterOS v6 для оборудования RouterBoard.

Прошивку RouterOS v6.0rc8 можно скачать с сайта http://www.mikrotik.com/download.html

RouterOS RC (Release Candidate) — это еще не стабильная версия операционной системы, предназначенная для тестирования и ознакомления с новыми возможностями RouterOS v6.

Что нового в RouterOS v6.0rc8 (4 февраля 2013г. 13:25):

  • ppp, pppoe, pptp, l2tp, sstp - only 2 change mss mangle rules are created for all ppp interfaces;
  • wireless - fixed AES encryption speed issues (upgrade suggested);
  • dhcpv6 server - handle info requests;
  • webfig - compressed all html resource files, speeds up opening of webfig page;
  • console - reduced width of address column in `/user print`;
  • simple queues requires target arg to be specified when adding;
  • do not count packets for unknown protocols as rx_dropped;
  • snmp - provide POE info;
  • improved cpu usage reporting on CCR boards;
  • improved interface reading performance;
  • changed CLI interface order - first are ethernets, second wireless, third everything else. Within group interfaces are ordered by name;
  • interfaces are deleted much faster, could be bottleneck on systems with many ppp sessions;
  • pptp, l2tp, 6to4 tunnel encapsulation/decapsulation now resets packet marks to
    have consistent behavior across tunnels;
  • fix simple queue interface matching when doing encapsulation in some tunnel,
    could result in double accounted packets;
  • ip/ipv6 firewall has all-ether, all-wireless, all-vlan, all-ppp interface matchers;
  • queue limits could be inaccurate for large limits (100M or more).


  •  bgp peer tcp-md5-key is not supported on CCR (to be fixed in next release).
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